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Vision and Purposes

The Global Society on Migration, Ethnicity, Race and Health (MERH) is an actual and virtual meeting point for individual members and affiliated organisations, dedicated to the advancement of health and the promotion of equality and diversity.  Its focus is on protecting and improving the health of migrants and minimising health differences between ethnic/racial groups in any and all parts of the world, by promoting research, enhancing understanding, disseminating information and advocating for beneficial change.


  • That everyone has an equal right to health and access to health care regardless of ethnic background, place of origin, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

  • That greater understanding and real progress requires reliable information obtained by scientifically valid and ethical means.

  • That a multi-disciplinary approach is essential, in which the strengths of different organisations, skills and perspectives are brought together in a spirit of openness and cooperation.

  • That special attention needs to be given to the most vulnerable groups including survivors of torture, trafficked people, migrants in irregular situations, refugees and asylum seekers, and women and girls at risk or victims of abuse.

  • That, recognising the need for mutual comprehension and tolerance, we use words such as migrant, race or black with care and as far as possible with an agreed set of meanings.



Whilst anyone can access this website, being a member of the Global Society provides additional exclusive benefits. You will receive regular newsletters and emails, be able to participate fully in the Society’s activities such as working groups and networks, and obtain preferential rates for the next World Congress and other events.  From January 2022, membership requires a small annual fee related to your country of residence, with a lower rate for students.  These fees will help us develop the Global Society and the services we offer.  If you support what we are doing, please join.


You can use Google Translate to translate our editorial text and summaries of articles into around 100 languages. First, go to the webpage on our site that you want to translate. Next, copy the URL of that page (e.g. Then open Google Translate in your browser ( Select English as the “Detect Language” above the box on the left.  Choose the language you want to translate into from the drop-down menu above the box on the right. Paste the URL of the webpage into the box on the left. A link to the translated page should then appear in the box on the right. If you click on this, you will then go to the translated page.

Latest News

30 Oct 2023

WHO Health and Migration

Virtual launch of the first WHO Global research agenda on health, migration and displacement. (More info here)

5 Apr 2022

IOM - Ukraine Internal Displacement Report

In a new report, the IOM estimate 7.1 million people had been internally displaced in Ukraine by 1 April.

3 Apr 2022

Global Mental Health

These new webpages provide resources to support the mental health of refugees and migrants

21 Mar 2022

WHO New Action Plan

WHO announces new action plan for migrant and refugee health (Read More)

20 Mar 2022

IOM Ukraine Response

As of March 21, more than 3.3 million people have fled Ukraine including 186,000 3rd country nationals. Read More.

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