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Laura Jung, Lilly Khorsand, Anita Afzali, Mariam Mariam Dahir, Mohammad Yasir Essar, and Roopa Dhatt (BMJ)

This article from Women in Global Health (WGH) describes the despair experienced by female health workers in Afghanistan at the prospect of Taliban rule and the enormous potential impact their dis-empowerment could have for the people. 

Ayesha Ahmad, Nazanin Rassa, Miriam Orcutt, Karl Blanchet, Mohammad Haqmal (Lancet)

Everyone is struggling to know what can be done to protect millions of people in Afghanistan from impending disaster. This article was published in the Lancet on August 26.   The Trustees of the Global Society on Migration, Ethnicity, Race and Health think it succinctly sets out the scale of the problem and we endorse their six action points. If you agree, please circulate it within your own networks and do whatever you can to help. If you have other suggestions about practical steps that can be taken, please get in touch.